Real-life stories from the ancient Near East

Protecting Against The Supernatural: Demons, Ghosts and Witches in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Content Warning: Miscarriage, Infant Mortality. This week we are going to briefly explore how Assyrians and Babylonians conceptualised illnesses and the people responsible for attending to physical, mental, and supernatural ailments.  First of all we need to understand how ancient Mesopotamians interacted with religion. The crucial element to keep in mind is that there was…

Assurbanipal’s Garden Relief from Nineveh

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The ancient Near East is a fantastic area and period of history to learn about and study. However, the discipline can be rather inaccessible and intimidating. At Bet Tuppi Press, we want to break down these barriers by encouraging people to write historical fiction about this rich period of history. This blog will be regularly updated to share real-life episodes in the annals of the ancient Mesopotamia and beyond to inspire your own fictional takes on this captivating civilisations.

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